Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44-Inch Backboard

Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44-Inch Backboard
The Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System with a 44-inches backboard is an excellent portable basketball system to have. This height-adjustable system features a telescoping hoop which allows you to adjust the pole height ranging from 7.5-feet to 10.5-feet comfortably. This product is an impeccable system for kids since the height can be tailored to their needs, hence allowing them to have the full enjoyment of basketball system. Moreover, the backboard comprises of graphics which is fade-resistant plus all the steel components are coated with powder, which makes them rust resistant.

The base of the Lifetime 90040 comes featuring a 27-gallon base which can be filled with either sand or water. This provides the consistency and hardness during long gaming sessions. Additionally, the rim offers a traditional look that is made of steel and is incredibly durable and robust. However, having a robust construction of heavy-duty polyethylene, the rectangle backboard is protected from strong Ultra-Violet (UV) rays, which makes it compatible for outdoor use. Moreover, the steel-pole which is powder coated is capable of surviving in different environments like snow, rain, or even sunshine without corrosion or rust.

Additionally, this hooping system comes backed by a five-year limited warranty. Overall, the Lifetime 90040 Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System is an excellent value for the price, and it offers hours of enjoyment for the friends and family.

This hooping system is very convenient and incredibly easy to assemble.
It is incredibly affordable.
The backboard is very durable and sturdy, thanks to its polyethylene construction.
This system is incredibly durable and doesn’t give cracking and bending.
Excellent value for the money.

There is no top pole cap.
Breakaway rim isn’t inserted which can damage your hand while dunking.

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